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PVC Free, Kavalan’s range of eco-friendly banner printing materials are specifically designed for responsible end–of–life–disposal. Your banner can be safely disposed of regardless of whether it is recycled, put into landfill or incinerated in a waste-to-energy schemes. Unlike any other product in the large format printing industry before, Kavalan’s banner range is a ground-breaking alternative to PVC banner

There is no questioning the popularity of PVC as a material for Banner Printing. It has been and still is our most popular large format printing material. Why? The main benefit is economic; PVC Banners are cheap and widely available. They are also tough, durable, easy to work with and print easily. It isn’t a difficult material to manufacture and is thus easily standardised. What you see is what you get!


Although the use of PVC Banners may be economically beneficial, there are serious concerns over the use of phthalates in the production of PVC. Many larger companies and in particular, some of the major high street brands have expressed an interest in purchasing only PVC FREE products. As a print manufacturer that uses materials containing PVC, we believe it is our corporate social responsibility to help customers make more sustainable choices where possible. The first step of course is to actually offer them as an option. With this in mind, we are now pleased to offer a range of ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY BANNER PRINTING.


Over the past few decades, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) plastic, commonly known as "vinyl," has become one of the most widely-used types of plastics. We find it all around us: in packaging, home furnishings, children's toys, automobile parts, building materials, hospital supplies and hundreds of other products. Its advantages are that it is highly versatile and relatively inexpensive. But the price we pay for a low-cost and seemingly harmless PVC Banner is far steeper than it may at first appear.

The problem is that in environmental terms, PVC is one of the worst offenders for polluting our planet. In a world with growing concerns of climate change and the impact of consumerism on the planet, this is a concerning fact.

PVC contaminates humans and the environment throughout its lifecycle during its production, use and disposal, resulting in the release of toxic, chlorine-based chemicals that build up in the water, air and food chain. While all plastics pose serious threats to human health and the environment, few consumers realize that PVC is the single most environmentally damaging of all plastics.

Besides health problems, there are a number of negative environmental impacts from the production and use of this material, such as problems in disposing of PVC, which is often very difficult (and not financially viable) to recycle. According to Statista, of the 29.1 million tonnes of plastic waste produced in the EU, ONLY 4.72 million tonnes is recycled in the EU.

We believe that recycling isn’t the answer. Maybe the avoidance of using PVC coatings in the first place is a better option. Since safer alternatives are available for virtually all uses of PVC, it is possible to protect human health and the environment by replacing and eventually phasing out this poison plastic.


When it comes to the growing threat of climate change and environmental pollution, we are all in the same boat. Protecting the environment is no longer something that is ‘nice to do’ – it is all of our responsibility to play our part in protecting the future of our planet. The industry has long waited for a viable green alternative to PVC. Over the past decade several products have claimed this title but none have lived up to their eco promise – until now.

PVC-FREE, 100% clean, lightweight and boasting superior environmental credentials, KAVALAN is specifically designed for responsible end–of–life–disposal, so it can be safely disposed of regardless of whether it is recycled, put into landfill or incinerated in waste-to-energy schemes.

Kavalan has all of the advantages of PVC with none of its eco malignance. In fact, with its stringent eco accreditation including LCA (Lifecycle Assessment) and REACH compliance – this PVC and phthalate-free banner material blows traditional PVC banner out of the water.

At 5 Studio UK, we are committed to seeing a future that is more responsible in terms of material usage, and we share Kavalan’s vision for a future where PVC becomes a material that is only used for specialist banner printing applications as opposed to being used as the current the standard.



Kavalan Butterfly is a double-sided PVC-free blockout banner and a green alternative to our 720gsm Blockout and Double Sided PVC Banner material. Made from 46% polyester scrim and a 54% PA water-based coating, it is printable on both sides and perfect for indoor and short-term outdoor two-way signage and hanging banners. Kavalan Blockout has B1 and EN13501-1 fire ratings, and is EN-71, 33P, ROHS and REACH approved.

Price start from £20 per square metre



Kavalan Sunlight is a green alternative to our 440gsm Laminated PVC. Suitable for both external and internal usage, Sunlight is an economical and lightweight frontlit banner material with a grey reverse, combining the smooth flexibility of a non-PVC material with the all the strength and robustness you would expect from traditional PVC. Its water-based coating gives it the durability to withstand the effects of weather, and it’s the perfect solution for signage, events, and exhibitions. It has B1 and EN13501-1 fire ratings, and is EN-71, 33P, ROHS and REACH approved.

Price start from £20 per square metre



Lightweight, strong and beautiful just like a spiderweb, Kavalan Spiderweb Mesh is a green alternative to our 330gsm Mesh PVC Banner. This product has the strength, performance, look, and feel of PVC mesh banner, with only half the weight. Spiderweb delivers excellent ‘show-through’, as well as unrivalled vibrancy and image quality and is an excellent choice for internal and external banner mesh applications. It has B1 and EN13501-1 fire ratings, and is EN-71, 33P, ROHS and REACH compliant.

Price start from £20 per square metre


Save up to 40% with our size and quantity discounts. The bigger your banner or the more you order, the lower the price per square metre.

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