Signage & Signboards

Display Board Printing Leicester

5 Studio UK specialise in signage & display board printing, from wayfinding event signage to advertising site hoardings and exhibition display boards.

All our Signage and Display Board Printing can be printed on one or both sides. With a choice of materials and substrates to choose from, 5 Studio UK offers you true flexibility to find the custom display board or bespoke signage to suit you. Our range includes:

  • Correx
  • Cardboard
  • Foamex/PVC Foam Board
  • iBond (For Construction Site Hoardings)
  • DiBond
  • Magnetic (For Vehicle Signage).
  • Acrylic


We can also create signage and signboards to custom shapes and apply vinyl lettering and logos to most signage and signboard substrates. Our range of substrates are ideal for, but not limited to

  • Interior & Exterior Signage
  • Point-Of-Sale Displays
  • Directional Signage
  • Advertising Boards
  • Site Hoardings
  • Rigid Infill Panels for Semi-Permanent Displays
  • Shell Scheme Exhibition Graphics

Choosing A Substrate


Correx is a lightweight and weatherproof board made from environmentally friendly polypropylene. It has a corrugated inner and is commonly referred to as a fluted plastic. It is the cheapest rigid signage and display board.

Widely used for estate agent 'for sale' signs throughout the UK, Correx can be glued, stuck, nailed or riveted in position and is easily pierced and attached to stakes, fence posts and/or railings.

What is Correx used for?

Because Correx has a lightweight fluted construction, it is ideal for temporary indoor and outdoor applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Estate Agent 'For Sale' Signage
  • Budget friendly Wayfinding and/or Directional Signage
  • Building and Construction Site Signage
Can you Recycle Correx

Yes, Correx is 100% Recyclable


A staple to any business, these 100% Recyclable Cardboard Signs are both lightweight and easy to install, ideal for affordable promotional displays, whether on the wall or hanging from the ceiling.

What are Cardboard signs used for?

Our Cardboard signage is best suited for Indoor applications, such as:

  • Wayfinding & Directional Event Signage
  • Rigid Poster alternative for Retail and POS displays
What thickness are these Cardboard signs?

Our cardboard signs are printed onto 2000micron stock.

What size(s) can you print Cardboard signs?

Available A3, A2 and A1 sizes only.


Foamex is a brand name for PVC Foam Board. It is made from compressed Foam Polyvinyl Chloride (Foam PVC), resulting in a lightweight, smooth, durable, rigid white board. Foamex is 100% weatherproof, unaffected by changes in temperature, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Contrary to the name, there is nothing 'foam' like about this material and should not be confused with the soft sponge board, which is actually known as “Foamcore”.

What is Foamex used for?
  • Foamex is the ideal material for Interior Signage, Retail Point-Of-Sale Displays and for cladding the panels of a Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand.
  • Because Foamex is lightweight, it can easily be wall-mounted, suspended or attached to shell schemes with VHB double sided tape or Velcro.
Why Choose Foamex?
  • Foamex is a rigid alternative to correx and a more cost-effective solution than Di-Bond/Aluminium.
What thickness is Foamex available in?
  • Foamex is available in 3, 5 and 10mm thickness.
  • 3mm foamex is mostly recommended for indoor use – whilst it is solid, it’s slightly too flexible to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Due to its density, 10mm Foamex is quite heavy for its size and you may be better off with Dibond (especially for large signs).
Is Foamex Fire Rated?
  • Yes, it is B1 Fire Rated

i-Bond® Hoarding Panel

i-Bond® is an economically priced aluminium composite material (for site hoardings) developed exclusively for the UK market and manufactured in China. Essentially the product has the same properties as the European manufactured sheets but it is made with a lower grade alloy and thinner aluminium skins.

What is iBond® used for?
  • i-Bond® was specifically designed and manufactured for high impact, Low-Cost Outdoor Advertising Hoardings around construction sites.
  • i-Bond® can also be used for single-sided, mid-long term fascia signage.
Why choose iBond®?

What makes i-Bond® uniquely suited to Advertising and Construction Site Hoardings is that it is both lighter and smoother than traditional plywood hoardings, which often need treating and painting before graphics can be mounted to them.

Custom printed iBond® site hoardings are a popular choice for securing new developments and construction sites as the boards are a great way of advertising whatever is taking place behind the boards. You can even offer the hoarding space to other businesses, which is a smart way of creating extra revenue for very little effort.


DiBond® was specially developed as the world’s first aluminium composite material for the display and signage market. DiBond® is perfect for all types of Outdoor Signage, Displays and Advertising.

Choose a DiBond Aluminium sign for a professional, long-lasting display board that will forever remain bright and noticeable.

What is DiBond® used for?

DiBond® has a multitude of uses. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertising signage at airports
  • Retail POS displays
  • Wayfinding in shopping centres
  • Outdoor traffic and directional signage
  • Exterior retail and shopfront signage
  • For high display graphics in exhibitions and museums.
Why choose DiBond®?
  • Super-strong, but still lightweight and weatherproof, the sandwich construction of DiBond® makes for a very rigid substrate, that lays and stays flat regardless of temperature fluctuations.
  • DiBond also has advanced corrosion resistance ensuring that your signage and/or display board will neither rust nor deteriorate in the sun.
  • It is the only display grade ACM to be lined with unique AIMg1 alloy based aluminium which allows the product to be recycled.
  • DiBond is widely acclaimed to be the signmakers choice for sleek, eye catching indoor signage and/or long-lasting, weatherproof outdoor signage.


Promote your business wherever you go! Easy to remove and reposition, vehicle magnets give you the flexibility you need when promoting your business; Best of all they use free advertising space!

Whether it’s a car, van or bus, you can transform your vehicle from a private sign-free transport to a moving advertisement and back again– day in, day out. When you’re done with your magnetic sign, just peel it off without a trace!