How much does an exhibition stand cost?

Exhibition stands can range from as little as £100 to over £20,000, depending on your stand size, design requirements and functional needs.

In this series, we’ll explore various exhibition stands by ‘popular’ budgets. For each budget, we’ll also share our top recommendations for maximizing your stand’s appearance, branding and message in any exhibition or tradeshow hall.

LESS THAN £1,000

If your budget is less than £1,000, a portable, self build exhibition stand is likely your best option. For this we suggest a ‘Pop-up’ or ‘Display Backwall’.

When considering Pop-Ups, the market offers an abundance of choices. Yet, in recent years, exhibitors have increasingly prioritized sustainability. Consequently, there’s a shift away from traditional ‘Pop-up’ stands utilizing PVC graphics towards eco-friendly Fabric Exhibition Stands, such as Formulate.


Budget Friendly Self Build Exhibition Stand

Dubbed the new ‘pop-up’ and where ‘Form Meets Function,’ Formulate is an innovative and inspiring lightweight alternative to a pop-up display. In-fact it is our most popular and affordable freestanding backwall and/or self-build exhibition stand under £1,000.

The Formulate backwall range is available in various shapes and sizes, including Straight and Curved, available in widths from 2.4m up to 6m.

Prices start from £400+VAT for a 2.4-metre-wide Formulate Straight (Includes frame, graphics and over-the-shoulder carry bag). 

Formulate is simple and intuitive to construct for and in any environment. Like a child’s construction set, Formulate is tool-free in assembly and made simple with matching numbered frame parts. The frame can be assembled in less than 5 minutes vs. up to 20minutes+ with the manually aligned traditional Pop-Up Display Stands.

Check out the 2.4-metre-wide Formulate Fabric Display on our YouTube Channel.

Formulate is much lighter in weight than a traditional pop-up display. For example, a 3-meter-wide Formulate Fabric Display (Hardware, Graphics and Transit Bag) weighs just 7kg, whereas the equivalent in a traditional Pop-Up (Hardware, Graphics and Transit Case) weighs 26kg (approx.)

Formulate is much more portable than a traditional pop-up display. The tubular aluminium structures are connected via bungee cord and packs flat for easy transportation. For example, a 3-meter-wide Formulate Fabric Display packs flat into an over the shoulder carry bag measuring 900mm (h) x 250mm (w) x 200mm (d) whereas the equivalent traditional pop-up display fits into a wheeled transit case measuring 960mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 400mm (d)

The graphic for Formulate Fabric Displays are printed as one-piece, alleviating the need to and time spent manually hanging and aligning the heavier Rollable PVC or Polyester Graphics one by one. With Formulate Fabric Displays you have a truly seamless display, with no visible panel joins. Better still the graphics for Formulate Structures can be folded and packed away with the frame and even machine washed at 30°.

Each Formulate structure is dressed with a one piece, totally seamless, fabric graphic sock (graphic slides over the frame and zips closed out of sight). As standard, Formulate fabric graphic socks are double-sided, optimising the impact of the message and giving your brand 360° Visual Communications.

£1,000 - £5,000

In the mid-range category, you’ll find a wide array of impactful and engaging options. These include self build exhibition lightboxes suitable for backwalls, as well as modular solutions enabling you to connect frames together, creating multiple configurations to suit your needs.

Introducing the award-winning, Exhibitor Live Buyers Choice – WaveLight® Casonara. A range of Freestanding, Self Build Exhibition Lightboxes, with pioneering 360° illumination technology, giving you better visibility for your brand and more places to present your ideas.

Tool-free in assembly the Wavelight Casonara® makes for the perfect self-build exhibition stand and/or display backwall, with its innovative LED Lighting elevating both your brand and its message.

Prices start from £1250+VAT for a 2.4-metre-wide Wavelight Casonara (Includes Frame, Graphics, LED Curtain Lights and Wheeled Transit Case).

The ultimate in high definition illuminated display graphics, Infinity is the first ever, continuously edge-lit, Modular Exhibition Lightboxes. A patented eSEG™ Frame and Fabric technology is combined with high-powered OSRAM LED lighting, delivering superb colour consistency that extends beyond the frame, from edge-to-edge, for an immersive viewing experience.

Connected together, the modularity of the Infinity DNA Pro outshines its competition, with its patented e-SEG graphic seemingly disappearing to the naked eye, creating one continuous ‘Infinity’ image.

Quick-connect lightweight frames are intuitive and easy to assemble in under a few minutes. Connect displays together in a straight line or at 90° to create a variety of display designs. Frames are available in 950mm wide (from £550.00), 1400mm wide (from £725.00) and 3000mm wide (from £1375.00).


When investing over £5,000 into an exhibition stand, you’ll likely face a choice between a modular exhibition stand or a traditionally constructed, single-use stand. 

Modular Exhibition Stands, typically priced between £5,000 and £20,000, offer an ideal option for exhibitors with flexible budgets. Modular stands are built for both reusability and reconfigurability, ensuring substantial cost savings over time. They cater perfectly to exhibitors attending multiple shows, delivering a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the mid to long term.

In contrast, traditionally constructed stands, often made from materials like timber and MDF, are typically designed for one-time use, leading to higher costs over time due to the need for frequent rebuilding.

Our recommendation is to Opt for Modular, which will ultimately lead to significant cost savings and a better return on investment in the long run.

Curious to why more exhibitors are Opting For Modular?


One of the primary benefits of modular exhibition stands is their reusability. Built from durable materials, these stands can be disassembled, stored and reassembled for multiple shows. This means you won’t need to invest in a new stand for each exhibition, drastically reducing your costs over time.


Whether you need a compact setup for a smaller venue or an expansive display for a larger exhibition hall, a modular stand can be reconfigured to meet your needs. This flexibility ensures that your stand remains relevant and effective, no matter the setting.

Bondeye T3 Self Build Exhibition Stand


At 5 Studio UK, we design, build and deliver Modular Exhibition Stands using the innovative T3 System. Remarkably simple to construct, T3 is the world’s most versatile modular display system. It eliminates the notorious ‘build & burn’ concept linked with traditionally constructed exhibition stands, which are typically made from raw materials like timber, MDF, Foam PVC, Paints, and Laminates.

Check out the slider below, to see how T3 can be constructed to reach impressive heights with the possibilities of a variety of shapes, curves & angles.

Modular Exhibition Stands Framework RenderModular Exhibition Stands Graphics Render


Take advantage of our Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design, which includes a FREE 3D CAD & QUOTE within 48-hours of receiving your enquiry or brief.

If you’ve got an idea for an exhibition stand, all you need to do is give us your display design brief, whether it be a simple scribble or something more elaborate.

Challenge us with your design ideas and your display headaches. Trust us when we say, we can make it happen.

Our comprehensive exhibitor services take away all the stress and headache, allowing you to simply just turn up on the day. Your personal project manager will take responsibility for liaison with the organisers to book and/or source any items you may require for hire, including flooring, furniture, AV, lighting and power.


In summary, it’s evident that the cost of an exhibition stand can vary. However, as we’ve outlined, there are solutions to suit all budgets and applications. If you’re ready to explore options for your next tradeshow, event and/or exhibition, get in touch today.