Portable Exhibition Stands

Our Portable Exhibition Stands & Portable Displays include a range of high-quality alternatives to traditional pop-up stands and are very much suited to Events, Exhibitions and Tradeshows.

All of our Portable Exhibition Stands & Portable Displays have been handpicked for their quality, durability, speed of build, ease of transport and high impact graphics.

We also have a range of Modular Exhibition Stands which have the added benefit of being re-configurable and re-usable to suit your changing needs, whilst still maintaining portability.


Breathe new light into your brand with Wavelight® Self Build Exhibition Stands; An innovative range of Portable LED Lightboxes for Retail, Events & Exhibitions. 

Designed specifically to make backlit graphics portable, Wavelight® is the future of visual display marketing, using innovative LED Lighting to elevate both the brand and its message.  If you're looking for engaging and impactful Exhibition Lightboxes, look no further than Wavelight®.

Mix & Match Wavelight® with any of our Portable Displays (illuminated and non-illuminated) to create the ultimate Portable Exhibition Stand and/or Display. We can also custom manufacture most of the Wavelight® range to suit your specific requirements.

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Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stand


Dubbed the new ‘Pop-Up’ and where ‘Form Meets Function,’ Formulate is an Innovative and Inspiring lightweight alternative to a traditional 'Pop-Up' Stand, where graphics are attached to the frame via magnets. In-fact it is our most popular and affordable free-standing backwall and/or self-build exhibition stand. 

Like a Child's Construction Set

Formulate is simple and intuitive to construct for and in any environment. Like a child’s construction set, Formulate is tool-free in assembly and made simple with matching numbered frame parts. The frame can be assembled in less than 5 minutes vs. up to 20minutes+ with the manually aligned traditional Pop-Up Display Stands.

Check out the 2.4-metre-wide Formulate Fabric Display on our YouTube Channel.


Formulate is much lighter in weight than a traditional pop-up display. For example, a 3-meter-wide Formulate Fabric Display (Hardware, Graphics and Transit Bag) weighs just 7kg, whereas the equivalent in a traditional Pop-Up (Hardware, Graphics and Transit Case) weighs 26kg (approx.)


Formulate is much more portable than a traditional pop-up display. The tubular aluminium structures are connected via bungee cord and packs flat for easy transportation. For example, a 3-meter-wide Formulate Fabric Display packs flat into an over the shoulder carry bag measuring 900mm (h) x 250mm (w) x 200mm (d) whereas the equivalent traditional pop-up display fits into a wheeled transit case measuring 960mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 400mm (d)

Fabric Graphics

The graphic for Formulate Fabric Displays are printed as one-piece, alleviating the need to and time spent manually hanging and aligning the heavier Rollable PVC or Polyester Graphics one by one. With Formulate Fabric Displays you have a truly seamless display, with no visible panel joins. Better still the graphics for Formulate Structures can be folded and packed away with the frame and even machine washed at 30°.

360° Visual Communications

Each Formulate structure is dressed with a one piece, totally seamless, fabric graphic sock (graphic slides over the frame and zips closed out of sight). As standard, Formulate fabric graphic socks are double-sided, optimising the impact of the message and giving your brand 360° Visual Communications.


The unique mastery of space and infinite possibilities of printed fabrics for graphics, Formulate is designed to prominently display brands and events in 3D.

  • 3 to 9 metre wide imagewalls/backwalls
  • Hanging Structures
  • Self-supporting Arches
  • Gantries and Accents
  • Columns
  • Meeting Pods


With comprehensive production techniques including cutting, welding and bending, we can create innovative shapes and structures that add value to your communications.

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Modulate™ is a tool-free assembled Portable Display & Self-build Exhibition Stand. An attention grabbing solution, Modulate™ consists of 15 tool-free, push-fit assembled frames made from tubular aluminium, dressed with high resolution, dye-sublimation printed tension fabric graphics.

Choose your Modulate™ frames from the shapes and sizes on offer and connect them magnetically at any angle using the exclusive, Patent Pending 360º MagLink technology. Each frame is also supplied with a Modulate™ carry bag with dedicated slots for the feet and graphics.

Modulate™ offers innovative layout solutions and maximises the impact of your message with high resolution, dye-sublimation printed textile graphics.

  • You can mix and match to create new configurations or change them to suit your needs.
  • Switching from a simple wall of images to an exhibition stand takes just a few minutes!
  • All Modulate™ structures are guaranteed for 5 years.

Perfect for Retail and Point-of-Sale Displays, Self Build Exhibition Stands, Branded Media Walls, Pop-up Shops or even in an Office environment as a simple and original way to create workspaces.


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