Modular Exhibition Stands & Displays

One System. Endless Possibilities.

Say hello to T3; The world's most versatile modular exhibition stand and display solution. T3 is unique, compact, reusable and reconfigurable. With components that twist and lock together, T3 is also brilliantly simple to construct and requires no tools to build. Nothing competes with T3 for speed and ease of build.

Use T3 for anything – Space only and Shell-Scheme Exhibition Stands, Conference Sets, Bars & Counters, Portable Kitchens and Lightboxes. Whatever the display, the possibilities are endless.

T3: The Basics.

Creating a T3 display is simple and quick. The beauty and uniqueness of T3 is in the ‘twist and lock’ feature – no tools are required. In its simplest form, a T3 display consists of three different elements:

  • The T3 Connector
  • Lightweight aluminium beams
  • Your choice of graphic substrate(s)

T3 has been expertly designed with exhibitors in mind, making it ideal for large and small modular exhibition stands. T3 gives you the flexibility to change your design, graphics & integrations in an instant.

Why Choose T3?

No Tools Required

T3's simple patented, twist and lock connection means there are no levers to push or tools required when installing or dismantling your display. T3 is thus quicker to install and dismantle over more traditional methods.

Bespoke Exhibition Stand Designs

T3 can be constructed to reach impressive heights, with the possibilities of a variety of shapes, curves and angles. T3 offers complete customisation, so you can achieve the look and feel of a traditional custom built display but with modular components.

Reusable & Reconfigurable

The re-usability of the system means that once your display has been used to fulfil one purpose, it can then be used time and time again; either with the same design or reconfigured for a complete different display or use.

Check out the video One Flight Case. Endless Possibilities.

Integrate Bespoke Elements

T3 allows you to easily customise your display with the option to integrate additional features including AV, LED Lighting, Lightboxes, Shelving, Gantries and Counters.

Can Grow As You Grow

T3 allows you start with a simple shell scheme exhibition stand and grow into a large, space only stand as your requirements grow. This is all made possible by simply adding a few extra beams and additional elements to your original display

Lightweight and Compact

The T3 system is produced from aluminium. Each beam is strong yet lightweight. Beams are supplied in manageable lengths, making them compact enough to be packed down and stored within a flightcase. This reduces shipping costs and makes transport a lot easier than most other modular systems and/or a custom built exhibition stand.

Reduced Labour Costs

The fact that no tools are required for build and/or dismantle means there is no need to hire skilled labour. Most displays can be built by you or your team. At 5 Studio UK we provide Build Plans for all T3 Exhibition Stands and Displays. We are also able to arrange at a smaller additional cost (to hiring professional installers) a Pre-Build and Training Day prior to the show.

Clad With Multiple Substrates
The T3 system has been designed to be clad with multiple substrates, including, but not limited to Rollable PVC, Foamex, Acrylic and the latest in display graphics, Dye Sublimation Printed Silicone Edge Tension Fabric.
Rental Options

T3 makes busy or challenging events possible as extra components can be bought and/or rented to cope with any change in requirements - a definite bonus

Manufactured in the UK

T3 has been manufactured in the UK for over ten years.

T3: Shell-Scheme Exhibition Stands

Shell Schemes are extremely popular in the Exhibition arena. A Shell Scheme is a modular system of Aluminium Poles & Beams with Foamex Infill Panels that form the walls of the stand (the 'shell'). A shell scheme package usually includes:

  • Walling
  • Lighting
  • Carpet
  • Standard Power Supply (usually a single power socket)
  • Fascia Signage

What this means is you really only need to purchase shell scheme graphics to fit your chosen shell scheme size and shape. Unfortunately, every other shell scheme exhibitor at the event starts with the same blank canvas, but with T3's Shell Kit you don't have to accept a stand that looks the same as theirs.

Just check out how we were able to incorporate Seamless Graphics and a Portable Kitchen with a routed in Spit Screen for Miami Burger at the Casual Dining Show, ExCel Arena, 2021.

Modular Exhibition Stand for Shell Scheme
T3: Space Only Exhibition Stands

If you have a Space Only Exhibition Stand, then look no further than T3. Why? From a design perspective, you will see how T3 can be constructed to reach impressive heights, with the possibilities of a variety of shapes, curves and angles. In-fact a whole host of elements, including AV and LED Lighting, can also be integrated into the display to give it a custom-built look and feel.

However, T3 really comes into its own when you consider that one of the major challenges facing exhibitors is that floor space at exhibitions can vary in size and/or availability. Because T3 is both re-usable and re-configurable, the framework and components can be re-imagined to fit either a new space or the same space with a different design by simply re-configuring, adding or reducing components.

You can read why more and more people are Opting For Modular in our blog.

How Can We Help?

Our comprehensive exhibitor services take away all the stress and headache, allowing you to simply just turn up on the day. Your personal project manager will take responsibility for liaison with the organisers to book and/or source any items you may require for hire, including flooring, furniture, AV, lighting and power. Our services full turnkey service includes:

  • Exhibition Stand Design
  • 3D CAD & Rendering
  • Printed Graphics
  • Pre-Build
  • Logistics
  • Install & Dismantle
  • Training

If you’ve got an idea for an exhibition stand, retail project, conference set, shell-scheme or something else, all you need to do is give us your display design brief, whether it be a simple scribble or something more elaborate. We will then transform your display idea into a 3D CAD visual and get it back to you within 48 hours along with a full quotation. Challenge us with your design ideas and your display headaches. Trust us when we say, we can make it happen.

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