Banner Printing

Banner Printing is the most popular, every-day, economical and easy-fix promotional tool. Perfect for advertising on construction hoardings, fencing, railings or anywhere you can hang them! Banners are ideal for event advertising, directing traffic to your business or promoting special offers.

Banner Printing Leicester

We can print banners on rolls up to 3-metres-wide, giving you superwide printing opportunities for your Branding, Promotion and/or Advertising. That means you can order Banners 3000mm wide x any height, or 3000mm high x any width.

From heavy and lightweight, to blockout, mesh and fire-rated materials, we offer a range of banner materials to suit all budgets and applications. All of our printed banners are weatherproof and have been tested to guarantee weather and fade resistance.

Our standard 510gsm PVC Banner is our most popular banner printing material. Ideal for those looking for a heavyweight banner material for mid-long term outdoor and indoor applications, offering a heavy-duty construction that's designed to last. It has a crisp white, smooth printing surface ideal for high definition graphics along with a 1000 x 1000 denier fabric backer, giving it excellent tear and tensile strength.

Choose from a range of finishing options, including welded and reinforced hems to eyelets and pole pockets for suspending or hanging banners.

Size & Quantity Discounts

Save up to 40% with our size and quantity discounts. The bigger your banner or the more you order, the lower the price per square metre.

Eco Friendly Banner Printing

There is no questioning the popularity of PVC as a material for Banner Printing. It has been and still is our most popular large format printing material. Why? The main benefit is economic; PVC Banners are cheap and widely available. They are also tough, durable, easy to work with and print easily. It isn’t a difficult material to manufacture and is thus easily standardised. What you see is what you get!

Although the use of PVC Banners may be economically beneficial, there are serious concerns over the use of phthalates in the production of PVC. Many larger companies and in particular, some of the major high street brands have expressed an interest in purchasing only PVC FREE products. As a print manufacturer that uses materials containing PVC, we believe it is our corporate social responsibility to help customers make more sustainable choices where possible. The first step of course is to actually offer them as an option. With this in mind, we are now pleased to offer a range of environmentally friendly print choices.

PVC Free, Kavalan’s range of eco-friendly banner printing materials are specifically designed for responsible end–of–life–disposal. Your banner can be safely disposed of regardless of whether it is recycled, put into landfill or incinerated in a waste-to-energy schemes. Unlike any other product in the large format printing industry before, Kavalan’s banner range is a ground-breaking alternative to PVC banner.

At 5 Studio UK, we're committed to seeing a future that is more responsible in terms of material usage, and we share Kavalan’s vision for a future where PVC becomes a material that is only used for specialist banner printing applications as opposed to being used as the current the standard.

Banner Printing & Installation

Looking for highly skilled and experienced installers? Our Certified Install Team can provide a nationwide installation service for Banners, Signage and Graphics. Get in touch for a quote. Check out this 16ft x 16ft Superwide Banner Printed & Installed by 5 Studio UK.