Combining high impact graphics and branding with a seemingly weightless product display

The most technologically advanced LED Lightbox Display on the market

The ultimate in Visual Merchandising and Product Display, Magnetic is a ‘floating’ shelving system designed to make merchandising easier.

Using a clever bit of engineering, Magnetic mounts within our Tension Fabric System Frame Lightbox, allowing display accessories and/or fixtures to ‘float’ on your custom printed graphics. By successfully amalgamating merchandise into illuminated graphic displays, “Magnetic” helps to showcase products, bolster retail sales and reinforce brand awareness.

Manufactured to order, the Magnetic Product Display Lightbox is available either single-sided as a complete display for easy onsite installation and wall-mounting or as a flat-packed double-sided, freestanding display, where ‘Magnetic’ is built into our Tension Fabric System Lightbox 105mm.

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Key Features

Magnetic’ is undetectable from the outside and alleviates the need for unsightly fixtures or cuts.
You can customise your display lighting by choosing from 3 available LED Light Engines
Magnetic’ can be easily transformed and re-configured with each new season, product, promotion or graphic and is therefore re-usable and cost-effective
Transform your display in less than 6 minutes, with its easy to replace fabric graphics & simple magnet relocation, removing the need for specialist Visual Merchandising Teams or Shopfitters – saving you £’s on logistics and installation.
Magnetic’ incorporates a range of accessories, (including the ability to create custom fixings) specifically designed to support a variety of merchandise & products, whether it be fur coats, trainers or footballs.
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