With the most technologically advanced LED lightboxes on the market, we are able to create stunning, simple to assemble and adaptable Retail Lightboxes. Available in bespoke sizes and shapes, our large format LED Lightboxes have virtually no height limitations, offering maximum visual impact for retailers and store designers.

All of our Custom Manufactured Retail Lightboxes combine specially manufactured aluminium profiles and interchangeable tension fabric graphics. They are ideal for frequently updated store displays due to the logistical benefits of sending updated graphics to the store in question, plus there's no need for a VM or shop-fitting team to install it.

Whether you’re trying to create an eye catching shop window display or increase impulse buys at your till we have everything you need to create engaging, impactful LED Lightboxes that drive footfall and sales.

Retail Lightboxes Tension Fabric
magnetic product display retail lightbox


The ultimate in Visual Merchandising and Product Display, Magnetic is a ‘floating’ shelving system designed to make merchandising easier.

Using a clever bit of engineering, 'Magnetic' allows display accessories and/or fixtures to ‘float’ on your custom printed graphics. By successfully amalgamating merchandise into illuminated graphic displays, 'Magnetic' helps to showcase products, bolster retail sales and reinforce brand awareness.

Manufactured to order, the Magnetic Product Display Lightbox is available either single-sided for wall mounting, or as a flat-packed double-sided, freestanding display.


‘Magnetic’ can be easily transformed and re-configured with each new season, product, promotion or graphic and is therefore re-usable and cost-effective.

Transform your display in less than 6 minutes, with its easy to replace fabric graphics & simple magnet relocation, removing the need for specialist Visual Merchandising Teams or Shopfitters – saving you £’s on logistics and installation. 

lightup retail display solutions

‘Magnetic’ is undetectable from the outside and alleviates the need for unsightly fixtures or cuts. ‘Magnetic’ can incorporate a range of accessories, (including the ability to create custom fixings) specifically designed to support a variety of merchandise & products, whether it be fur coats, trainers or footballs.

We appreciate that no two brands are the same and our customers often have specific requirements, which is why we offer custom-made display solutions for ‘Magnetic’ merchandising. Accessories are therefore available in an array of finishes including; powder coated colours or textures, brushed or polished electro-plated metallics or simply finished with a clear or tinted lacquer to create an industrial look. Brand names and logos can also be CNC laser cut into the steel surface to create a display unique to you. You can even customise your LED Lighting by choosing from 3 available LED Light Engines.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide a delivery and installation service to facilitate domestic and international roll-out projects. Please speak to one of our team to discuss your requirements.



A precision-engineered, 65mm depth, single-sided, Backlit LED Lightbox, designed for high powered, even graphic illumination. Designed to be wall-mounted, this custom manufactured Retail Lightbox comes with, as standard, high powered energy efficient LED Lighting, which delivers impactful illuminated graphics with reduced power consumption.

As with all of our custom manufactured Retail Lightboxes, this product is compatible with Replaceable Tension Fabric Graphics;  High-resolution, dye-sublimation printed, backlit fabric graphics, finished with a 3mm silicone strip (gasket). The silicone strip is sewn directly to the edge of the graphic and simply push-fits into the perimeter channel of the frame, stretching the fabric graphic across the surface of the frame for a seamless, superior and crease free finish everytime.

This Lightbox can can be manufactured in sizes up to 5m (h) x 50m+ (w) and is delivered as a complete display for easy on-site installation.

5m x 3m Retail Lightbox Santoro Milan
Freestanding Retail Lightbox


A compact solution for wider distribution, our Freestanding Retail Lightbox is capable of flat-pack delivery thanks to its interior-mounted drivers and LEDs.

Double-sided as standard, our Freestanding Retail Lightbox utilises side-fire LEDs with mounted optics that efficiently deliver illumination evenly across the graphic surface.

Can be manufactured in sizes up to 3-metres x 2.25-metres. Each length is supplied part assembled for easy on-site installation with only one tool required for assembly.

As standard, our aluminium profiles are manufactured in anodised silver. However, we appreciate that our customers often have specific requirements, which is why we are pleased to offer custom frame finishes. We can match almost any colour, design or desired effect to an aluminium profile.


As part of our ongoing mission to provide customers with innovative display solutions, we are now able to manufacture a Retail Lightboxes designed to surround columns or wrap around corners, both linear and circular.

  •  46mm Depth, single-sided LED Lightbox for surrounding columns or wrapping seamlessly around corners.
  • Algorithmically calculated LED Back Panel for high impact illuminated graphics and reduced power consumption.
  • Can be manufactured in sizes up to 5m x 50+m and is delivered as a complete display, for easy installation. 
  • Optional LED Light Engines to suit your specific needs.
  • High-resolution, dye-sublimation printed, backlit fabric graphic graphics that can be changed quickly and easily without the need to rely on visual merchandisers or shopfitting teams.
Wrap Around Corner Retail Lightbox
Slimline Retail Lightbox


Our slimmest ever Retail Lightboxes, combines our latest range of aluminium profiles and instantly replaceable tension fabric system graphics.

The lightweight nature of our 22mm slim Lightbox makes it perfect for wall-mounted displays, reducing footprint even in the most crowded of retail spaces.

This particular lightbox is one of the most advanced solutions on the market. It features an integrated light guide plate, manufactured using cutting-edge LED lighting and laser-etching technology and results in an even distribution of light across the taut fabric, including across bespoke frames and sizes.  

Can be manufactured in sizes up to 2.9-metres x 1.3-metres and is delivered as a complete display for easy on-site installation

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