Breathe new light into your brand, exhibit, event or retail store with Wavelight® Exhibition Lightboxes; Our range of innovative Portable LED Lightboxes for Retail, Events & Exhibitions. Designed specifically to make backlit graphics portable and modular, Wavelight® is the future of visual display marketing, using innovative LED Lighting to elevate both the brand and its message.  If you're looking for engaging and impactful Exhibition Lightboxes, look no further than Wavelight®.

Infinity DNA™ LED Lightboxes

The ultimate in high definition illuminated display graphics, Infinity is the first ever continuous Edge-lit SEG Modular LED Lightbox. A patented eSEG™ Frame and Fabric technology is combined with high-powered OSRAM LED lighting, delivering superb color consistency that extends beyond the frame, from edge-to-edge, for an immersive viewing experience.

Connected together, the modularity of the Infinity outshines its competition, with its patented e-SEG graphic seemingly disappearing to the naked eye, creating one continuous 'Infinity' image.

Quick-connect lightweight frames are intuitive and easy to assemble in under a few minutes. Connect displays together in a straight line or at 90° to create a variety of display designs.

Perfect for Exhibition Lightboxes, Red-Carpet Events, Showrooms, Museums and Pop-up Shops.


Wavelight Exhibition Lightboxes
LED Lightbox Display Red Carpet
Infinity DNA Exhibition Lightboxes

WaveLight® Casonara

Introducing the award-winning, Exhibitor Live 2019 Buyers Choice, The WaveLight® Casonara. A range of stand alone, portable LED Lightboxes with pioneering 360° illumination technology giving you better visibility for your brand and more places to present your ideas.

Like child's play, the colour coded frames enable you to quickly assemble the display without tools – or breaking a sweat;

Each unit is powered by LED plug and play curtains and come with a set of  Replaceable Tension Fabric Graphics; These are high-resolution, dye-sublimation printed, backlit fabric graphics, finished with a 3mm silicone strip (gasket). The silicone strip is sewn directly to the edge of the graphic and push-fits into the perimeter channel of the frame, stretching the fabric graphic across the surface of the frame for a seamless, taut and crease free finish everytime.

The range is ever developing and growing, with Blimps and Towers added to the existing range of Display Walls and Counters in 2021. The Wavelight Casonara® range is thus the ideal Portable Exhibition Display, Self Build Exhibition Stand and/or Exhibition Lightbox.

WaveLight® Air

Light up the room with our Inflatable LED Backlit Display WallsTowers and Counters. With bright LED’s flooding the fabric graphics, our Inflatable Backlit Displays are an eye-catching focal point for branding your business.

WaveLight® Air is intuitively innovative, thanks in part to its extremely quick and easy set-up - you can go from flat packed to fully inflated in under 30 seconds!

A Buyers Choice Award at Exhibitor Live 2019, The WaveLight® Air Backlit Inflatable Counter has an inner core that’s both durable, stable and strong enough to sit on without collapsing. A self-locking quick release air valve makes it easy to inflate without losing air and just as easy to deflate with the push of a button.

The WaveLight® Air Backlit Inflatable Counter is so quick and easy to set up. Perfect for product launches, food sampling, ticketing, retail counters, promotional displays, and exhibition counter.

WaveLight® Backlit Display Walls

An ultra-bright and ultra-thin, portable LED Backlit Display Wall that allows creators to add tone, mood or atmosphere with light to elevate their brand and its message.  In-fact, the WaveLight® Backlit Display Wall is one of the thinnest tension fabric lightboxes to hit the portable exhibition stand market.

Within just a 50mm aluminum pipe profile, the WaveLight® frames an array of perfectly positioned LED lights to achieve an ultra-bright, evenly-diffused backlit display –making everything on the graphic look more brilliant and vibrant. As with our Formulate Tension Fabric Display Wall, the WaveLight® LED Backlit Displays are tool-free in assembly, with push-button bungee cord connectors.

The WaveLight® Backlit Graphic is a single-sided, wrinkle-resistant, dye-sublimation fabric print with a Heise™ total blockout fabric on back. The fabric graphic snuggly zips around the frame and lights, which provides tension for a smooth finish. A zipper on the lower back of the blockout fabric provides easy access to the lights and running power cables.

Available in multiple widths, from 1-metre-wide to 6-metre-wide, with a standard height of 2.4 metres.

Mix & Match

Mix & Match Wavelight® with any of our Portable Displays (illuminated and non-illuminated) to create the ultimate Portable Exhibition Stand & Display. We can also custom manufacture most of the Wavelight® range to suit your specific requirements.

Wavelight Mix & Match Exhibition Lightboxes
Inflatable LED Lightbox Exhibition Stand
Exhibition Lightboxes L-Shape