Top Tips to making your exhibition stand sustainable


There is little doubt that the Events and Exhibition industry has a social responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint. Until recently, Exhibition Stands had traditionally been constructed to look the best they could, with Exhibitors giving little thought towards re-using, recycling and re-purposing materials elsewhere. The idea of huge quantities of Timber, MDF, Plastics and Foamex (to name just a few) being thrown away after each show is a far cry from the sustainability model that we all want to see for the industry in 2022 and beyond.

At 5 Studio UK, we are seeing an almost parabolic increase in the demand for Sustainable Printing and Displays, including Sustainable Exhibition Stands. It’s clear that Exhibitors are looking to present their products and/or services in the most environmentally friendly way possible, and that is a huge step forward.

As a supplier to the Events and Exhibitions industry, we believe it is our corporate social responsibility to assist Exhibitors incorporate sustainability into exhibition stands without sacrificing cost or quality.

Understandably, Exhibitors want that extra ‘wow’ factor and for their exhibition stand to really catch people’s attention in a crowded hall. As the importance of sustainability grows, there are a number of viable alternatives that will help keep your exhibition stands eco friendly, without having to sacrifice cost or quality.

A sustainable exhibition stand solution, opting for modular is a viable and attractive green alternative to a purpose built, one-off use stand that is generally constructed from Timber, MDF, Metal, Laminates and Paint.

Modular Exhibition Stands have evolved considerably, offering virtually the same design possibilities of a custom fabricated one-off use stand. Our Modular Exhibition Stands can be constructed to reach impressive heights with the possibilities of a variety of shapes, curves and angles.

Eco Friendly Exhibition Stands - Exhibition Stand Design & Rendering

RECONFIGURABLE Exhibition stands

Built for reconstruction, Modular Exhibition Stands are easily reconfigured to alternative floorspaces, dimensions and requirements. The re-usability of modular systems mean that once they have been used to fulfil one purpose, they can then be used time and time again; either with the same design or re-imagined into something completely different. This kind of adaptability simply isn’t possible with a custom manufactured stand. They are generally not adaptable and/or flexible enough to be re-used and/or re-imagined for an alternative use.

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…..In fact, one flight case of components can make up to 1000 exhibition stand designs

REUSABLE exhibition stands

Graphics are also 100% re-usable and interchangeable, with our dye-sublimation printed tension fabric graphics, machine washable at 30 degrees. We encourage multi-use of our client’s graphics by advising against one-time use content, such as dated information or images specific to one event.  Our CAD team has significant experience designing exhibition stands so that graphics can be re-used in alternative configurations.

Modular Exhibition Stands can also be hired. Opting to hire is environmentally friendly because the systems are reused time and time again, thus reducing the amount of waste produced and therefore eliminating the ‘build and burn’ concept of custom stands.

RECYCLABLE exhibition stands

Not only is a Modular Exhibition Stand re-usable (eliminating the build and burn concept of a custom exhibition stand), they are also 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable.

Opting for a re-usable and recyclable exhibition stand will not only help reduce your carbon footprint, but it also helps reduce the need for harvesting raw materials, as well as saving energy, reducing greenhouse gases, and preventing pollution to name a few. By opting for Modular, you can contribute to keeping the environment clean and preserving our natural resources.

…Did you know that transport systems account for around 20% – 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions and world energy consumption?

Our modular system, T3 is produced from strong yet lightweight aluminium. Beams are supplied in manageable lengths, making them compact enough to be packed down and stored within a flightcase, thus reducing such emissions vs custom built stands.

2. LED Lighting

It’s no secret that LEDs use far less energy than traditional bulbs. If you’ve ever Exhibited or attended an Exhibition you’ll be accustomed to seeing Exhibition Stands lit up to the skies. When you consider that globally, around 20% of electricity is consumed in lighting, opting for LED Lighting on your stand is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint.

Other than the fact that LEDs use a lot less energy than traditional bulbs, they’re also mercury free, whereas regular CFL lightbulbs contain mercury (and require a special method of disposal). Given that mercury contamination is a significant public health and environmental problem, choosing LED lighting is another way in which you can make your exhibition stand eco-friendly.

Our Modular LED Lightboxes incorporate a patented 25W Wandlite that emits a revolutionary 360° light, making it one of the most versatile and innovative lighting products available on the market today. Because they use minimal power, their temperature stays cool and is much safer to handle.

Clean Cloud - Modular Exhbition Stands - Modular Exhibition Lightboxes

3. Giveaways

Whilst exhibitions are a great way to interact with new and existing customers, giving them a tangible piece of your brand to remember, one that they can takeaway, is a great strategy.

Common items include:

  • Flyers
  • Notebooks
  • Calendars
  • Pens
  • Keyrings
  • Bottle Openers

Many of these items are great gimmicks, but too often than not, they aren’t great for the environment. Usually due to budget constraints, Exhibitors tend to opt for plastic pens and keyrings. These objects tend to be easily forgotten about, either left in a desk never to be used, or thrown away and ending up in landfill.

If you’re struggling to find environmentally friendly solutions, our Exhibitor services include a personal project manager that can help assist with such requirements. As a member of the Carbon Capture Programme, helping to create new woodland across the UK through the Woodland Trust, our Digital Printing Service includes a range of 100% recycled stocks and papers to create flyers, brochures, notebooks and calendars for your branded giveaways.

Eco Friendly Flyer Printing


Here at 5 Studio UK, sustainability is at the forefront of our operations, encouraging people away from the build and burn mentality is at the core of what we do. As we’ve shown, viable eco-friendly alternatives do exist for traditional exhibition and marketing collateral.

If you’re looking for a sustainable exhibition stands and/or eco friendly exhibition stands , speak to one of our project managers today.