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Modular Exhibition Stands are a viable and attractive alternative to custom fabricated exhibition stands among marketers and exhibitors. With the demand for Modular on the rise, this series focuses on why people are OPTING FOR MODULAR! We’ll also introduce you to T3; The world’s most versatile modular display solution.


Exhibitions and trade shows are the perfect platform for showcasing a brand’s products and/or services. Decision makers across a whole breadth of an industry come together under one roof to meet with vendors. Before exhibitors decide on the graphic design that will help their brand stand out in a hall full of competitors, they are usually faced with the all important decision, whether to go for a custom fabricated exhibition stand or modular exhibition stands?

What is a custom exhibition stand?

A custom display is a purpose built, bespoke construction. It is usually created with very specific designs requirements in mind. For the most part, custom displays are constructed from Timber, MDF, Metal, Laminates and Paint. Various substrates can also be applied to them, with fabric substrates and magnetic panels among these.

Generally speaking, a custom display offers a higher design specification, but is typically heavier than a modular display and is often challenging to transport. A custom display also requires the skills of an experienced installation crew and by its very nature takes significantly more time to construct than a modular alternative.

Because a custom display is purpose-built, it generally isn’t adaptable and/or flexible enough to be re-configured or re-imagined for an alternative purpose or exhibition floor space.


What is a modular exhibition stand?

Modular display systems are mostly made up of lightweight materials, often aluminium, along with other components and connectors. Their framework is designed to make the application of a variety of graphic substrates nice and easy. Popular amongst these substrates is tension fabric graphics, which can even be backlit to create a focal point for the display. The modularity of this type of display system makes it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

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Why are people opting for Modular?

In addition to the benefits of its modularity, let’s take a look at some of main reasons for modular display solutions gaining popularity:


For a long time, people brushed off the modular display system as a candidate for delivering impactful displays because they mistakenly believed that it couldn’t match the design possibilities of a custom display. In some cases, there still is no beating a custom-built stand. However, in recent years there has been a substantial upturn in the modular display market, with more and more people investing their money here instead. These days it can be much harder to spot the difference between the two as there is now much higher flexibility in the design process for modular displays and impressive visual features are completely achievable.

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As time has gone on, modular displays have become structurally sound, which means that they can now be constructed to reach impressive heights, with the possibilities of a variety of shapes, curves and angles. A whole host of elements and technological features, including AV and LED Lighting, can also be integrated into the display to give it a custom-build look and feel.

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The number one reason for opting for modular exhibition stands is the practicality of a modular display system. Transportation, for instance, is far less a hassle with a modular exhibition stand compared to a custom-build. Even when modular is chosen for a larger display, the typically lightweight construction and component-led design means that the entire display can be easily transports in a van and built quickly and easily with a small installation team. Whilst we’re on installation, it’s worth pointing out that modular displays can be straightforward to construct, so anyone can put their own display together, saving on both time and installation costs.

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The modular display is more cost-effective than the custom-built display, so it makes total economic sense to a growing number of exhibitors and marketers to invest their money here, especially when you consider the ever-tighter budgets that most people will need to work to, during and post Covid-19.

What makes it the more economical option? For starter, the re-usability of the system means that once it has been used to fulfil one purpose, it can then be used time and time again; either with the same design or reconfigured into something completely different. This kind of adaptability simply isn’t possible with a custom build display.

One of the major challenges for exhibitors is that floor space at exhibitions can vary in size and/or availability and generally tends to come at a premium. With a modular exhibition stand, an exhibitor has the possibilities to re-use and re-imagine the framework into an entirely new design by simply re-configuring, adding or reducing components. All that’s required is to simply swap out the graphics. The result of this? Lower costs (short and long term) and likely a higher return on investment.

It’s also important to note that modular makes busy or challenging events possible as extra components can be bought and/or rented to cope with any change in requirements – a definite bonus.



At 5 Studio UK, we design, build and deliver Custom Exhibition Stands using T3’s Modular System

Brilliantly simple to construct, T3 is the world’s most versatile modular display system, designed to eliminate the infamous ‘build & burn’ concept associated with a ‘one-off use’ exhibition stand of traditional construction (from raw materials such as Timber, MDF, Foam PVC, Paints & Laminates).

Our services include to see how T3 can be constructed to reach impressive heights with the possibilities of a variety of shapes, curves & angles.

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So, there you have it! As we have seen, modular displays are a viable and attractive alternative to custom-built exhibition stands among marketers and exhibitors. For some it is the abundance of choice that this solution promises, be it the flexibility or a reconfigurable system, the lowered costs, or ease of build. For others, it is the generous design capabilities that are now achievable with a modular display system. Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain: the demand for modular displays is on the rise.

If you’ve got an idea for an exhibition stand, retail project, conference set, shell-scheme or something else, all you need to do is give us your display design brief, whether it be a simple scribble or something more elaborate. We will then transform your display idea into a Custom Exhibition Stand Design, which includes a 3D CAD Visual and full Quotation. And we’ll make sure that we create a T3 modular display design that is to scale, works within your budget, and packs a visual punch.

Challenge us with your design ideas and your display headaches. Trust us when we say, we can make it happen.

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