eco friendly ROLLER BANNERS


Simple to deploy, Roller Banners (also known as ‘Pull-up Banners’) are the most popular and cost-effective portable marketing display, allowing you to promote your brand, product and/or service in virtually any environment.

However, when you consider that approximately 500,000 Roller Banners are printed and supplied per year, with the majority printed on a non-recyclable and non-biodegradable PVC Coated substrate, that’s a lot of plastic waste ending up in landfill and eventually contaminating and polluting our eco-systems.

Keep your customers informed by choosing to Go Green, you’ll be making a significant statement about your business’ commitment to championing green values.

desktop roller banner
Eco Friendly Roller Banner


All of our 800mm and 1000mm wide Roller Banners are now available with an eco friendly print that is 100% PVC Free. With vibrant print properties, this anti-curl and tear-resistant 200mic graphic is a fantastic and viable alternative to traditional non-recyclable PVC and Vinyl Banners.

Each 800mm roller banner will save 0.42kg of non-biodegradable, non-recyclable PVC vinyl material going to landfill which across our industry could save as much as 250 tonnes of PVC vinyl material per annum.

You can even show off your Green credentials and let people know that you are committed to protecting the environment by stating the printed graphic is 100% PVC Free.

Environmental impact score

At 5 Studio UK, our range of eco friendly printing materials have been evaluated for their environmental impact, from its composition and transportation, right through to its end-of-life disposal and recyclability. Each material is then given a score, allowing you, the consumer, to make an informed decision on your purchases.


eco friendly roller banners