Eco Friendly Printing

Eco Friendly Printing

When it comes to the growing threat of climate change and environmental pollution, we are all in the same boat. Protecting the environment is no longer something that is ‘nice to do’ – we all have a responsibility to protect the future of our planet.

Here at 5 Studio UK, we're seeing an almost parabolic increase in the demand for Sustainable Printing and Eco Friendly Printing. As a print manufacturer that uses materials containing PVC, we believe it is our corporate social responsibility to help customers make more sustainable choices where possible. The first step of course is to actually offer them as an option. With this in mind, we are now pleased to offer a range of viable green alternative on a number of products.

PVC Free, Kavalan’s range of eco friendly banner printing materials are specifically designed for responsible end–of–life–disposal. What does this mean? Essentially, it means your banner can be safely disposed of regardless of whether it is recycled, put into landfill or incinerated in a waste-to-energy scheme. Unlike any other product in the large format printing industry before, Kavalan’s banner range is a ground-breaking alternative to PVC banner.

Boasting superior environmental credentials, Kavalan Printed Banners have successfully passed the stringent Certifire - TS62 certification program. Recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide, the Certifire - TS62 scheme guarantees the highest level of fire protection, meaning Kavalan can be installed/used on any scaffolded building and/or construction sites.

Eco friendly banner printing prices range from £50.00 - £25.00 per sqm, with size and bulk order discounts available.

Eco Friendly Banner Printing

Simple to deploy, Roller Banners (also known as 'Pull-up Banners') are the most popular and cost-effective portable marketing display, allowing you to promote your brand, product and/or service in virtually any environment.

All of our 800mm and 1000mm wide Roller Banners are now available with an eco friendly print that is 100% PVC Free. With vibrant print properties, this anti-curl and tear-resistant 200mic graphic is a fantastic and viable alternative to traditional non-recyclable PVC and Vinyl Banners. 

You can even show off your Green credentials and let people know that you are committed to protecting the environment by stating the printed graphic is 100% PVC Free.

Prices start from £55.00 per Roller Banner with bulk discounts available

Eco Friendly Roller Banner

Self-adhesive vinyls are one of the most versatile and practical products on the market for quick, efficient and striking display graphics. With no compromise on quality, our eco-friendly vinyl graphics are suitable for long term indoor use and short to mid-term outdoor applications. 

Available with a semi-permanent or removable adhesive, suitable for a variety of applications, including, but not limited to; Indoor & Outdoor Promotional Graphics, Retail & Point-of-Sale, Display & Exhibition Graphics as well as Window Graphics.

Prices start from £25/sq m

Eco Friendly Vinyl Printing

FSC certified, Evolution Uncoated is our high white digital print media produced from 100% recycled content. Manufactured without chlorine bleaching or optical brightening agents, the high whiteness is achieved thanks to a special converting process for recovered fibres.

Available in 120 - 350gsm, suitable for Eco-friendly Flyer Printing, Posters, Postcards, Greeting Cards, Letterheads and Compliment Slips.

Carbon Capture Programme

5 Studio UK is also part of the Carbon Capture Programme, helping to create new woodland across the UK through the Woodland Trust.

How does this work? The equivalent amount (or more) of C02 generated per tonne of paper purchased by us, is captured by planting and conserving native woodland here in the UK. The scheme is facilitated by The Woodland Trust and audited by Price Waterhouse Cooper.

Eco Friendly Flyer Printing