Shell Scheme Graphics – What are the options?

A Shell Scheme is a pre-constructed exhibition stand consisting of Aluminium Poles & Beams, with foamex infill panels that form the ‘walls’ of the stand (the 'shell'). Shell Schemes are generally provided by the venue itself, meaning you only need to purchase Shell Scheme Graphics to fit your chosen size and shape.

Whilst Shell Scheme Exhibition Stands are very basic, they provide a budget-friendly blank canvas for you to showcase your brand, product and/or service. They remain the most cost-effective and commonly assigned space and/or booth for first time exhibitors.

What are your options for Shell Scheme Graphics?

We have tried and tested a number of solutions for their finish, portability, ease and speed of build. In this series we’ll cover the three best solutions for dressing a shell scheme, assessing the pros and cons of each option.

  1. T3 Shell Kit (Premium)
  2. Infill Panels (Budget)
  3. Quick Fix Shell Kit (Standard)

T3 Shell Kit

The 'jewel in the crown', the T3 Shell-Kit allows you to have SEAMLESS SHELL SCHEME GRAPHICS. By using a specially-designed clamp, a Modular Frame is mounted onto the shell-scheme walling, sitting JUST 60mm off the wall, giving you 100% coverage on virtually 0% footprint. No visible shell scheme framework; No panelled graphics; Just a totally Seamless Graphic Display;

The T3 clamp and framework can be fixed directly to any shell scheme throughout the world without the need for tools, saving you both time and money.

Re-usable and Re-congurable, T3 allows you start with a simple shell scheme exhibition stand and grow into a large, space only stand as your requirements grow. This is all made possible by simply adding a few extra beams and additional elements to your original display.

Seamless Shell Scheme Graphics

We can also integrate our Modular Exhibition Lightboxes into a Shell-Scheme thanks to the patented design of the T3 Wandlite.

Unbreakable, non-glass and portable, the patented T3 Wandlite emits a revolutionary 360° light that makes it one of the most versatile and innovative lighting products available.

No other LED comes close to offering the same benefits that the T3 Wandlite brings, whilst staying true to the core philosophy of T3 Systems; TWIST – LOCK – CONNECT

Infill Panels

Transforming your shell scheme couldn't be easier – with printed shell scheme infill panels that simply attach via hook and loop velcro directly onto the pre-existing 4mm white foamex infill panels. Each shell scheme graphic is supplied as an individual panel and sits between the vertical uprights of the shell scheme structure; Installation can be done in minutes by one person. This option is best for those with a limited budget.

Generally speaking, you can choose from a range of substrates for your Printed Shell Scheme Infill Panel Graphics:

  1. Rollable

The most economical infill panel graphic for Shell Schemes are Rollable (or Roll-Up) Graphics. Semi-rigid, these graphics are durable and scratch resistant. As the name suggests, your printed graphics are supplied rolled up in Graphic Drums for ease of storage and transport.

You can choose from Rollable PVC or ‘Go Green’ and choose a Rollable PVC Free equivalent. Other options include Rollable Polyester which is PVC-free and is usually Satin or Crystal Laminated for increased stiffness, durability and scratch resistance.

Rigid Infil Panels Shell Scheme
  1. Foldable

High resolution dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics are the lightest (0.5kg per panel) and most portable infill graphic option. They have the highest scratch resistance and can also be machine washed (at 30°) making them an extremely durable option.

We recommend choosing Foldable if you are travelling overseas. Because the fabric graphics can be folded without damaging the print, they do not need to be sent out in graphic drums, which can be quite large for those travelling by air.

  1. Rigid

For those not worried about transportation to and from their Exhibition, we recommend this 5mm thick Rigid Board option, weighing approximately 6kg per panel. 

5mm Foamex, because it is rigid and stiff, is not likely to kink which is sometimes possible (when mishandled) with Rollable materials. Foamex panels are also the most tensioned and taught option available. However, because Foamex panels are rigid, they are usually only suitable for those travelling to and from events in a van, with space to fit a 950mm x 2340mm board.

Quick Fix Shell Kit

Revolutionise the way you create your shell scheme displays with our Quick Fix Shell Kit. This easy to assemble, slimline (20mm) aluminium frame, whilst designed to be wall-mounted, can also be mounted to a Shell Scheme using our cleverly designed Shell Scheme Mounting Bracket.

As with all of our Tension Fabric System Frames & Displays, graphics are interchangeable.


Quick Fix Tension Fabric Wall Frame


As you can see, our Shell Scheme Graphics & Solutions require no workmen, no specialist tools, no van hire and very little time to install. Furthermore, they look superb.

Should you require any assistance on shell scheme graphics and panel sizes, get in touch via online chat, telephone and/or email and one of our studio team will be happy to assist.

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