NEW Eco Friendly Roller Banners

Simple, stunning, stylish – Roller Banners are one of the most popular, effective and easy ways to promote your business and get your message across in a wide variety of environments.

We are delighted to announce an addition to our eco friendly banner printing range; An 1000mm wide Roller Banner media that is 100% PVC FREE. This is one of many additions to our range of eco friendly print media that will form part of our ever-growing ‘Go Green’ range.

This 230 micron film provides a fantastic alternative to traditional non-recyclable PVC and Vinyl Banners. After rigorous testing, the great news is its printing properties are vibrant and it works perfectly in all our 800mm and 1000mm wide Roller Banner solutions. Best of all, it doesn’t curl at the edges.

For environmentally conscious end users, our range of sustainable printing options provide a perfect alternative to lesser green medias and form part of our continuing commitment to find a better way to protect our planet’s resources.

NEW Eco Friendly Roller Banners

The benefits

Our new eco friendly banner printing media can be used on all our popular 800mm roller banners and is available to order today.

Each 800mm roller banner will save 0.42kg of non-biodegradable, non-recyclable PVC vinyl material going to landfill which across our industry could save as much as 250 tonnes of PVC vinyl material per annum*.

  • Renewable
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Derived from sustainable FSC accredited sources.

Keep your customers informed by choosing to Go Green, you'll be making a significant statement about your business' commitment to championing green values.

* based on 500,000 roller banners consumed per year.

With recent concern over the use of phthalates in the production of PVC, many larger companies and in particular, some of the major high street brands have expressed an interest in using only PVC FREE products. With this in mind, we now offer a full range of ECO FRIENDLY PRINT PRODUCTS

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