Illuminate to communicate

Notable advances in LED and printing technology have led to dramatic growth in the use of Tension Fabric LED Lightboxes and Lightbox Displays in the Retail environment. There is increasing evidence to suggest that LED Lightboxes and Lightbox Displays are one of the most powerful visual marketing tools for captivating consumer attention. In-fact Research suggests that illuminated displays and graphics can increase sales by approximately 30%.

Given the general consensus and a rise in popularity of these products, its important that retailers, visual merchandisers and marketing professionals develop an intentional strategy about how best to deploy LED Lightboxes and Backlit Fabric Graphics to add value to a stores image and ultimately its sales.

In this series, we look at how and why LED Lightboxes and Lightbox Displays can help you “illuminate to communicate” to Increase Footfall, Captivate Attention and ultimately Generate Sales.

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Increase footfall

In the modern world there are many things trying to gain your audience’s attention from smartphones to competing brands. In this multi-stimulating environment, lighting plays a crucial role in determining what shoppers will focus on.

An illuminated display is more likely to get noticed vs. one that is not. Strategically placing an LED Lightbox in your Shopfront and/or Window Display will not only give you enhanced visibility, it also enables you to rapidly convey marketing messages about your brand, product and/or service whilst adding some visual excitement to lure customers in and ultimately increase footfall.

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Captivate Attention

LED Lightboxes and Lightbox Displays are a window into a new world of eye-catching and engaging ads at store level. The vibrancy of LED Lightboxes and their Backlit Fabric Graphics bring images to life making them particularly effective at captivating consumer attention.

Illuminate to communicate and captivate consumer attention by investing in LED Lightboxes and Lightbox Displays to promote branded content in stores.

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Generate Sales & Improve Brand Awareness

Research suggests that illuminated graphics can increase sales by approximately 30%. How do we explain these results?

“Lighting has a direct influence on our mood, with 80% of the sensory information the brain receives coming from our eyes. Lighting highlights architectural elements, product qualities and creates virtual spaces - impacting how we feel, what we think of a product and ultimately the choice of whether to purchase or not.”
Mihaly Bartha, Head of Lighting at GPStudio

Darkness usually has negative connotations, and the converse is also true. Light brings feelings of sunshine, happiness, brightness, and general positivity. And when someone feels happier, the chances are higher that they’ll want to agree with you and take the plunge towards your product or experience.

Light brings vitality and energy, a dynamic that non-backlit displays cannot offer. This energy transfers to the audience turning them into potential customers. They engage. They believe. They follow. And this ability to activate emotional triggers in consumers is how and why LED Lightboxes and Lightbox Displays add value to retail spaces.

The most technologically advanced LED Lightboxes available on the market today

Project your message from all angles and draw the eye to your brand, product, promotion and/or service with our range of  Tension Fabric LED Lightboxes, which combine specially manufactured aluminium profiles and interchangeable tension fabric graphics. They are ideal for frequently updated store displays due to the logistical benefits of sending updated graphics to the store in question, plus there's no need for a VM or shop-fitting team to install it.

Our Range Includes:
  • Single and Double Sided Lightbox displays;
  • Edge-lit, Side-lit and Backlit Lighting Technology;
  • Freestanding, Wall-mounted, Integrated and Ceiling LED Lightboxes

For the ultimate in Retail and Visual Merchandising, check out our latest innovation, the Magnetic Concealed Graphic & Product Display Lightbox, which combines high impact graphics and branding with seemingly weightless product display.

All of our Tensioned Fabric System Lightboxes are manufactured by the UK’s leading manufacturer of aluminium display systems. They are the experts in developing and integrating the most technologically advanced LED Lighting for Retail, Event and Exhibition Displays. During the manufacturing process, every element within the Lightbox is closely controlled, ensuring critical considerations such as heat dissipation, flux binning, colour temperature and much more are managed effectively. This results in an end display that creates maximum visual impact whilst providing longevity and high performance.

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