Innovative and Inspiring NEW ‘Pop-Up’ Stand

If you’ve ever attended or exhibited at a trade-show and/or exhibition, you will definitely have seen or become accustomed to a ‘Pop-Up’ Stand; A ‘portable’ branded backwall that can be used to promote your brand, product and/or service as either a stand-alone display (almost anywhere) or inside a shell-scheme. However, in recent years, advances in print and manufacturing technology have given rise to a new wave of portable exhibition stands in the shape and form of Fabric Displays.

The future of visual display marketing, this series outlines the very many advantages that make Fabric Display Stands the innovative and inspiring lightweight alternative 'Pop-Up' Stand. If you’re looking for a Portable and/or Self Build Exhibition Stand you should definitely being to consider a fabric display stand over a traditional pop-up stand.


A collapsible frame with a lattice structure that simply ‘pops-up’ into position. The majority of Pop-Up Stands come with magnetic bars, hangers and kickers, which when attached to the frame, hold the panel graphics in place. Relatively easy to assemble, this display solution was considered a staple for first time and small exhibitors as-well-as those with small pop-ups in retail or shopping centres.


Dubbed the new ‘pop-up’ and where ‘Form Meets Function,’ Fabric Display Stands are an innovative and inspiring lightweight alternative to a pop-up stand. Extremely simple to deploy, these self build exhibition stands are manufactured from strong yet lightweight tubular aluminium, which is then dressed with a tensioned fabric graphic that slides over the frame like a sock and zips shut out of sight.

Ever evolving, we have now added the Wavelight® range to our existing range of Formulate fabric display stands, with its innovative LED Lighting Curtains for those looking for an internally illuminated 'pop-up' display stand.


Like a child’s construction set!

Formulate and Wavelight are simple and intuitive to construct. Like a child’s construction set, they are tool-free in assembly and made simple with matching numbered frame parts. The frame can be assembled in less than 5 minutes vs. up to 20minutes+ with the manually aligned traditional Pop-Up Display Stands.


Fabric Display Stands are much lighter than a traditional pop-up stand. For example, a 3-meter-wide Formulate Fabric Display (Hardware, Graphics and Transit Bag) weighs just 7kg, whereas the equivalent in a traditional Pop-Up (Hardware, Graphics and Transit Case) weighs 26kg (approx.)


Formulate Fabric Display Stands are significantly more portable than a traditional pop-up stand. Because the tubular aluminium structures are connected via bungee cord it packs flat for easy transportation. For example, a 3-meter-wide Formulate Fabric Display packs flat into an over the shoulder carry bag measuring 900mm (h) x 250mm (w) x 200mm (d) whereas the equivalent traditional pop-up display fits into a much larger wheeled transit case measuring 960mm (h) x 600mm (w) x 400mm (d)

Higher Print Quality

The graphics for Fabric Exhibition Stands are printed via dye-sublimation print technology. Dye sublimation produces high-quality, photographic results. It is outstanding for fine lines and details and arguably produces the deepest and most vivid colours of all comparable print technology.

Truly Seamless

The graphic for Formulate Fabric Displays are printed as one-piece, alleviating the need to and time spent manually hanging and aligning heavier Rollable PVC or Polyester Graphics one by one. With Formulate and Wavelight Fabric Displays, you have a truly seamless display, with no visible panel joins.

360 Visual Communications

Each tubular structure is dressed with a one piece, totally seamless, fabric graphic sock (graphic slides over the frame and zips closed out of sight). As standard, Formulate fabric graphic socks are double-sided, optimising the impact of the message and giving your brand 360 Visual Communications.


Formulate and Wavelight structures are manufactured from Aluminium, with Fabric Graphics that make them extremely recyclable. On the contrary, a traditional pop-up stand is manufactured from plastic and aluminium, with graphic panels printed onto Rollable PVC.

With serious concerns over the use of phthalates in the production of PVC, it's no wonder that Traditional 'Pop-Up' Stands are on the decline. PVC contaminates humans and the environment throughout its lifecycle during its production, use and disposal resulting in the release of toxic, chlorine-based chemicals that build up in the water, air and food chain. In fact, PVC is one of the worst offenders for polluting our planet. 

No Glare

Unlike traditional graphic displays, the Formulate and Wavelight Fabric Graphics have no glare and are therefore perfect for Image and Media walls or any display that is being photographed and/or filmed.

Crease Free

Made from a stretch fabric, the graphics for Formulate and Wavelight Fabric Display Stands fit snuggly around the frame stretching the fabric graphics across the surface of the frame for a smooth, taut and crease free finish everytime.

More Durable

Dye-sublimation printed Fabric Graphics can be machine washed at 30 degrees making them more durable and longer lasting than traditional Rollable PVC or Polyester Graphics for Pop-Up Stands.



From a step and repeat media wall to a Portable Exhibition Stand, Formulate and Wavelight® Fabric Display Stands are extremely versatile, with a range of shapes and sizes to choose from to suit any environment:

  • Press, Media & Photography Events
  • Corporate B2B Exhibitions & Trade Shows
  • New Product Launches & Training
  • Schools, Colleges And University Open Days
  • Retail & Shopping Environments
  • Awards Evenings and Galas
  • Reception Foyers & Showrooms
  • Conferences And Seminars


Our most comprehensive solution, Formulate is designed to prominently display brands and events in 3D. From Hanging Structures to 9-meter-wide Image Walls, Columns, Meeting Pods, Arches and Accents, Formulate provides limitless branding opportunities.

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