‘Carbon Captured’ Eco Friendly Flyers


The average person in the UK is responsible for 5.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year.* When you include other factors such as overseas flights, UK consumption of imports and the impact of other greenhouse gases, this figure may effectively double.

As a Printer we are aware of our contribution to these figures. We are asked about eco friendly flyer printing almost daily. With this in mind our stakeholders unanimously agree that we need to look at 'sustainable printing' solutions to reduce the impact of our operations on people and wildlife. We are thus pleased to announce that we are now officially a member of the Carbon Capture Programme, helping to create new woodland across the UK through the Woodland Trust.


The average (or more) amount of CO2 generated in the production and delivery of our paper is calculated. This equates to a sum in £'s per tonne. It is billed as a separate item and invoiced to us. The proceeds are then used to capture those CO2 emissions by planting and conserving native woodland here in the UK.

The scheme is operated by The Woodland Trust through its Woodland Carbon Scheme and is audited by Price Waterhouse Cooper.

"I was looking at ways of reducing our environmental impact; The Woodland Trusts Carbon Capture Programme, being UK based, gives us something that we can tangibly see and engage with. I also believe that 'absorbing' our carbon emission through the planting of trees is a much more sensible idea than trying to find the latest technological innovation and/or solution. It's a win-win. It’s relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of things its a no brainer for us."

- Aly Hirjani (Managing Director)


  • New and existing customers purchasing digitally printed Flyers, will now effectively be purchasing 'Carbon Captured Paper' and be able to use the logo to demonstrate this on their marketing communications.
  • This also extends to digitally printed Leaflets, Posters, Greeting Cards, Letterheads and Compliment Slips.
  • Customers will also be able to join us on #treeplanting days with the Woodland Trust.
  • The Carbon Capture Programme will supplement our ever growing PVC FREE range of print materials for our Large and Superwide format media and products


Woodland Carbon is a scheme created by the Woodland Trust to plant more trees in the UK. It’s a special scheme that means that businesses like ourselves, can remove the harmful gas and carbon dioxide, that is created by many day to day and business activities, such as car and air travel, household heating and industrial machinery. It’s a simple and natural way to do it, and it also benefits people and wildlife across the UK.


Trees are nature’s most effective and powerful way of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The easiest way to explain this is that they suck in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. As they grow, they absorb CO2 which is ‘locked up’ and stored away in the trees’ roots, trunks and branches. The carbon dioxide stays there for the lifetime of the tree, and so by planting new ones, we create a cycle whereby CO2 is being permanently captured. This leads to cleaner, fresher air for everyone to breathe and helps regulate the climate.


Although the carbon benefits of woodland are felt globally, many of the other benefits operate at a local scale. People can identify, sympathise and get involved in local projects such as tree planting; habitats are created and reconnected, air quality improved and flooding reduced. In addition, enhancing woodland cover will help the UK landscape be more resilient to the impacts of climate change, resulting in a landscape that is adapted to future needs.

With only 13% tree cover in the UK, compared to a 44% average in Europe, the aim of the Woodland Trust is to see a doubling of native broadleaf trees such as oak, maple, birch, and other indigenous species, in the UK. As the leading woodland conservation charity, they work tirelessly to create a UK rich in woods and trees enjoyed and valued by everyone. Woods and trees are essential to life, they provide a myriad of different benefits; the world would be barren and bare without them.


Creating new woodland and planting trees to capture carbon dioxide provides for a huge range of other social and environmental benefits:

  • Trees release oxygen, improving air quality and helping to fight the effects of pollution.
  • Trees provide shelter and shade for people and animals – in cities, tree shade can cool the air by up to 7°C on hot days and reduce UVB radiation by the equivalent of a factor 10 sun cream.
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